Donate and Help

Besides the sponsorships that enable children to attend school the Sonnenkinderprojekt also supports the schools in the maintenance of their buildings and the provision of teaching material. In Namibia the numbers of students corresponds with a third of the population. Despite its willingness – 20% of the budget is spent for education – the government is not in the position to accommodate all children and care for the school buildings. 

This is another area where the Sonnenkinderprojekt gets involved by trying to support the construction of new classrooms as well as the restoration of old ones at the schools. For this commitment many donations are necessary. You have different options to support us. We would like to thank you in advance for your dedication. Any kinds of donations are eligible for donation receipts.

Donation by Occasion

There are a number of special occasions in everybody’s life: a significant birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, the birth of a child, or any kind of athletic challenge. By means of their own campaign everybody can use their hobby, their individual abilities, their creativity or a personal occasion to support a good cause. Every person, every association, every school class can be a fundraiser. Start your own campaign HERE. 

Direct Donation

To prevent fraudulent use we would kindly ask you to request the account details via the contact menu. 

For donations up to 200 EUR the finance office accepts bank statements (in case of online banking printed at home) and confirmed deposit slips as verification – provided they include: name and account number of remitter as well as recipient, the amount and the date of entry.