Facts and Figures

The Sonnenkinderprojekt was founded in 2003. Currently, 325 members support the project with over 200 sponsorships. Since its foundation, 802 children have been cared for (as of 31.12.2018).

We work together with these schools:

  • Swakopmund Primary School in Swakopmund
  • Namib High School in Swakopmund
  • Rehoboth Primary School in Rehoboth
  • M & K Gertze High School in Rehoboth
  • Gammams Primary School in Windhoek
  • Khomas Primary School in Windhoek
  • Okatale Junior Primary School in Ondangwa
  • Coastal High School Swakopmund

We pursue these goals:

We want to …

to contribute to international understanding.
To promote children from all cultural groups and classes in Namibia in a harmonious coexistence.
serve as a role model for the adult world to prevent social obstacles such as envy and selfishness, but also AIDS and child pregnancy.
Children who grow up without parents, give a future with affection.
To be godparents for more education.

With these data we are listed:

Register of associations at Walsrode Local Court under VR 150 237
Recognition as a non-profit association by the Tax Office Sulingen under the tax number: 45/270/04351

Donation account:

Volksbank Vechta eG
Due to repeated abuse attempts to our disadvantage, we ask you to inquire the data under contact. Thank you very much!