Seal of Approval

Seal of approval and self-commitment

Why doesn’t the Sonnenkinderprojekt have any seal of approval?

That’s a good question, as seals of approval provide at least partly information regarding the correct use of donated funds. But there are two sides of a coin because the seal of approval costs money, which is donated money. The most established seals cost 1000 EUR for the first issuance and 500 EUR for the annual renewal (plus VAT). For a small, volunteer-based association as the Sonnenkinderprojekt this is a considerable amount, enough to sponsor a full school year for three children. Please do not misunderstand us; seals of approval are good and important to provide orientation in the multitude of non-profit organizations. But so far we haven’t seen the necessity to spend money for that cause. 

What does „self-commitment“ mean?

All seals of approval review the organizations on the basis of their previous activities and require a self-commitment for the future conduct. Transparency and control are important criteria. As a socially acting association we willingly confirm this self-commitment including the below mentioned points. By the way, of course we are checked by the financial authorities as all non-profit organizations are. A glimpse into our statute does also show the transparency and the correct use of funds. 

Purposeful application of funds

All donations are used for the stated and statutory purposes in accordance with the applicable tax regulations. (see statute, §2)

Effective application of funds

The use of donated funds follows the principle of best possible efficacy (while at the same time considering the policy of efficiency). 


Cash-based accounting and planning back long-term supporting measures.

Financial reporting

The registered association Sonnenkinderprojekt Namibia e.V. commits to proper financial reporting. 

Staff remuneration

Volunteers do not receive any remuneration; however, it is possible to reimburse costs that incur within the scope of their activity for the association. (see statue, §2)

General remuneration

We generally do not offer any commissions, premiums or bonuses for the raising of funds, inheritances or any other kind of contributions. The same is true for the acquisition of new members or sponsors. 


The fundraising generally follows these principles:

  • The purpose is made public and transparent. 
  • All kinds of information material, text or picture, are true, unambiguous and factual.
  • We refrain from any kind of promotion that might prevent the sponsor from making an independent and subject-related decision.
  • Any display of misery and distress must preserve the dignity of the people concerned.
  • The organization’s name is solely used with regards to the statutory purposes.


The registered association Sonnenkinderprojekt Namibia e.V. has its financial reporting reviewed and confirmed on an annual basis by two cash auditors elected at the annual general assembly. (see statue, §12)


The elected board submits to a content review by a supervising body elected by the board, which in this case is the general assembly. The names of the members of the board are published in the annual report. The cash auditors’ work including the discharge of the board is verified by an abstract of the minutes. This is signed in accordance with the right to represent. (see statute, §12)