Swakopmund Primary School

P.O. Box 193
Swakopmund Namibia

Sonnenkinder  Advisor
Mrs Sieglinde Hall 

Principal of 
Swakopmund Primary School
Mr Ebenester Tjomuinjo

At its meeting on 20 March 2012, the SKP Board unanimously decided to include Swakopmund Primary School in the project. After a first contact in February 2011 the chairman Arthur Rohlfing visited the school 12 months later and was able to get an impression of the school, the dedicated staff and the whole team. Afterwards Arthur Rohlfing was recommended for the board. Here are a few impressions of the Swakopmund Primary School.

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The school building suffers massively from leaking and damaged roofs, in some rooms the moisture damage is clearly visible.

The responsible persons of the school in conversation with Annegret Sander (deputy rector of the NHS, far left) and the 1st chairman Arthur Rohlfing (far right). Due to the acute damage, the Sonnenkinderprojekt provided emergency aid of N$ 20,000. 

from left to right: SKP Chairman Arthur Rohlfing, School Psychologist Maria Pietersen, School Psychologist Annemarie Mater, Chairman of the Parents’ Council Caroline Peters, Vice Rector Mira Feris, Director Ebenester Tjomuinjo and Vice Rector of the NHS Annegret Sander