We are very pleased to announce the cooperation with weltwärts, the developmental volunteer service of the VNB (Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen e.V.): Three of our partner schools in Swakopmund will be included in the programme this year as “South Partners”, so that young people from Germany can live in Namibia for a period of 12 months and perform their voluntary service at these schools. We as the Sonnenkinderprojekt will coordinate this cooperation as “Northern Partners”. 

The successful example of our regular students’ exchange within the framework of climate scouts has shown us that no theory and no commitment from a distance, no matter how great, can replace getting to know a country and its people personally. It is the young people who can and will change the world – and the more personal connections can be created across countries and continents, the greater the mutual understanding for each other and the more fertile the ground for the development of common perspectives will be.

Weltwärts and the Sonnenkinderprojekt are united in the guiding idea of learning: Our Namibian sponsored children get access to basic education through our support, while the young adults of weltwärts “learn for life” by broadening their horizons, questioning their previous ideas and beginning to take responsibility.

Like our partner schools, we await the arrival of the first volunteers with excitement and great anticipation! Of course, we will keep you updated .