Why support a Namibian Child by means of a sponsorship?

School attendance in Namibia is free. However, the schools ask for a contribution to the school development fund. Officially the schools may not reject anyone who cannot pay for that. In fact these students are often not accepted due to the over-occupancy. For many families this means considerable financial strain, many parents cannot raise the contribution for their children. With 30 – 40% unemployment and an average income of 120 EUR per month many parents view the school attendance as luxury. The association Sonnenkinderprojekt Namibia e.V. set its target to support and foster as many girls and boys at our partner schools as possible. The members can donate in general or sponsor a specific child. At the moment sponsorships are possible at the following schools:

Primary Schools

  • Swakopmund Primary School in Swakopmund
  • RehobothPrimary School in Rehoboth
  • Gammams Primary School in Windhoek
  • Khomas Primary School in Windhoek

High Schools

  • Namib HighSchool in Swakopmund
  • M & K Gertze High School in Rehoboth
  • Coastal High-School Swakopmund

What does Sponsorship mean?

Sponsorship in the association Sonnenkinderprojekt means that the sponsor assumes responsibility for a student’s “tuition” for the complete period of his or her school attendance. Obviously the sponsorship lasts longer in case of younger children. If the sponsor opts for an older student the term is reduced. On behalf of the children any decision for a sponsorship including its duration should be considered very carefully. Sponsorships can create contacts between the sponsors and the children. At the moment, the sponsorship contribution is 20 EUR per month and child. For further information please contact the Sonennkinderprojekt. 

Sponsored children at the Namib High School with donated books


The association „Sonnenkinderprojekt Namibia e.V.“ (formerly: Sonnenkinderprojekt-Namib-Grundschule e.V.) was attested the non-profit character according to the §§ 51 ff AO (Abgabenordnung) by the finance office SulinAgen on December 18th, 2003. Donation receipts (effective for tax purposes) will be issued for sponsorship contributions as well as general donations.

For further information please contact the Sonnenkinderprojekt directly.