A heartfelt thank you for the support

Dagmar Knüppel is a passionate knitter who likes to use her free time to make practical garments and accessories for everyday life. She knits socks, scarves, and wrist warmers in various colors and patterns, which she donates to the Sonnenkinderprojekt. The wool for her knitting projects she receives from the community and other institutions that support her with donations.

Heinrich Quade has built a wooden hut on Allerstrasse that is open around the clock. There you can help yourself and put the money in a cash box in the shop window. Dagmar Knüppel and Heinrich Quade trust in the honesty of their customers and are more than satisfied with their honesty. Both earn nothing from the sale, because the entire proceeds go to the association “Sonnenkinderprojekt Namibia e.V.”.

The Sonnenkinderprojekt would like to thank Dagmar Knüppel. For many years we have received this generous support. We would like to thank her for her tireless efforts and her valuable work. We are proud to have Mrs. Knüppel as a part of our community.