Covid 19 and the current school situation in Namibia

Namibia still has a curfew. For the teachers, school started again on April 20th. However, they have to arrange lessons from home. The teachers have to compile teaching material for each student and each subject so that the students can learn at home.

The students are not allowed to come to school themselves due to the curfew. They receive their learning material via WhatsApp or television/radio. The government is trying to set up a study program in various subjects called “e-learning”.

However, it is a challenge for anyone without electricity or electronic devices to participate in these programs. The government has made the proposal that the school year be divided into four instead of three trimesters, and that schools start in early August and end in June 2021. The summer holidays in December are to remain unaffected. The academic school year would therefore end in June 2021 instead of early December 2020.

Our local representatives organize food packages for our sponsored children. As soon as we have new information, we’ll let you know. Let’s hope that our schools and our protégés can handle the crisis.

The photo shows our counselor Sieglinde Hall (Coastal High School and Swakopmund Primary School) and the Principal of Coastal High School Colvin Martin preparing SKP food donations for the sponsored children at Coastal High School.