Food Donation for Sponsored Children at Rehoboth

At Rehoboth Primary School, food has been distributed to the guardians of our sponsored children. Our employee Tracy van Wyk organized the food and the distribution to those in need.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, unemployment is very high and those who have work are not allowed to work due to the lockdown. So the need in the families is enormous. Thus the joy about the donations was exuberant – this is shown by the statements of the recipients:

“The package couldn’t have come at a better time.”

“We had absolutely no food left in our house because nobody was allowed to go to work. I felt very bad as a mother because everyone was hungry. I am so blessed by the Sonnenkinderprojekt. They have helped us enormously.”

“I cried when I got the message that I could pick up the food parcel. I had nothing left in the house.”

“The lockdown made it impossible for us to go to work. The Sonnenkinderprojekt is really helping out here.”

“We are so proud to be associated with the Sonnenkinderprojekt.”

“The package was more than I had imagined. The content was exactly what we needed.”