Teaching at Khomas Primary School during Covid-19 times

During  the first two months of the lockdown (April/May) there were no classes. From June on home schooling was offered. Since not all households have access to social media, the parents picked up the assignments once a week and returned the completed work during the next week.

Since August, normal classes have been taking place again. Classes are divided into two groups in order to comply with the distance rules. So there is a maximum of 20 students per class. The groups come to school alternately every other week. During the week at home, they have to fulfill tasks. The students on site stay in the classroom and the teachers change from room to room. Thus, encounters are minimized. In addition, the students only leave the classroom to go to the toilet or eat in the dining room. The soup kitchen distributes the food in two sessions. First, classes 0 – 3 and then classes 4 – 7 eat, and even here, distance is maintained. The windows in the building are always open for reasons of ventilation.

This way of teaching is very exhausting for teachers but also for the students, depending on the support they get at home. No exams will be taken this year. The students are continuously evaluated based on the work they do at home and in school.