Thank-you Note from the KHOMASDAL PRIMARY SCHOOL

Dear Sirs / Madams

With gratitude…

The committee hereby heartedly wants thank our esteemed sponsors for the diversity that you have tremendously shown and made to our learners’ lives.

It is indeed appreciated and warmly accepted with gratitude. It is indeed so visible to see that our school kids are properly dressed in school uniforms throughout all four seasons of the months, the meal they are daily receiving at school that immeasurably makes a difference in their academic progress.

As winter is approaching, the committee therefore attests to you that these kids proudly walk to school with shoes on their feet.

We are indeed thankful once more again, not as the committee only, but also on behalf of the entire staff members of Khomasdal Primary School. 

May the good Lord and His marvelous mercies keep on doing good things in your entire reign / leadership to serve those who are in need.


Yours, Truly in Education