Anniversary Visit to the SPS Swakopmund

As part of the 20th anniversary of the Sonnenkinderprojekt, Chairman Arthur Rohlfing also visited the Swakopmund Primary School in Swakopmund.

The visit began with a warm welcome from the school management. In his speech, the principal Mr. Springbok emphasized the long-standing cooperation with Swakopmund Primary School and the positive impact of the project on the students.

Swakopmund Primary School proudly presented the results of the long-standing partnership and the progress made possible by the Sonnenkinderprojekt. The atmosphere was one of positive energy and gratitude.

It was impressive to see how Swakopmund Primary School and the Sonnenkinderprojekt could look back together on two decades of successful cooperation. In the discussions with those present, Arthur Rohlfing was also able to capture many positive opinions on the progress made and the user-friendliness of the educational initiatives. The importance of the Sonnenkinderprojekt for the community was emphasized from all sides. Overall, the reception at Swakopmund Primary School was an encouraging event that underscored the successes and continued importance of the Sonnenkinderprojekt to education at this school.