New Principal at Gammams Primary School

The principal of Gammams Primary School Mrs. Kaimu retired at the beginning of this year. Mr. Ntopoli was appointed as her successor as principal.

Mr. Ntopoli studied for three years at the then Windhoek Education College and completed an additional year by distance learning at Northwest University in South Africa.

He first taught at Ojimuise Primary School in Windhoek and was then transferred to Gammams Primary School. He became head of department and now principal. His main subject is mathematics.

He loves his job and the children and he knows their needs. He himself grew up in poor conditions, so he knows hunger and how it feels to not have the right school uniform, and how that affects learning ability. Thus, he very much appreciates the help that the sponsored children receive through the Sonnenkinderprojekt and wishes to intensify the cooperation.

Our liaison teacher Ingrid Diehl is looking forward to the cooperation.