Rotary Club Stemwede-Dümmer e.V. supports the Sonnenkinderprojekt with exclusive seasoning sets

An ideal gift idea for barbecues or fondue has prompted the Rotary Club Stemwede-Dümmer to offer two delicious seasoning sauce sets for a good cause.

Set 1 consists of Brazilian BBQ-Churrasco Sauce, Hot BBQ-Chili Sauce and Fruity BBQ-Curry Sauce
Set 2 consists of Caribbean BBQ-Banana Sauce, BBQ-Chicken and Sparerib Sauce and BBQ-Hickory Smoked Sauce.

The price for each set is 12 € – of which 6 € each will go to the Hospice Lemförde/Stemweder Berg (www.hospiz-lemfö and to us. More information can be found in the attached flyer of the Rotary Club Stemwede-Dümmer. Orders please under:

Many thanks to the Rotary Club Stemwede-Dümmer e.V. for this great idea!