Visit from Germany

During a tour of Namibia, Mr. and Mrs. Spalthoff from Syke also visited the partner school of the Sonnenkinderprojekt, Gammams Primary School in Windhoek.

left to right: cook Sylvia Mukaru, Agnes Tjaveondja (SKP liaison teacher), Mrs & Mr Spalthoff

It was a moving moment when the couple met their sponsored child Vijendapi Tjizenga in person for the first time, as they had previously only met through letters and photos.  The visit began with a warm welcome from Mrs. Ingrid Diehl (SKP liaison teacher) and the school staff, followed by a tour of the school.

 SKP kids, Ralf Spalthoff

The sponsoring parents showed great interest in the lessons and the school facilities. They had the opportunity to gain an insight into the everyday life of their sponsored child.

The visit of the sponsoring parents was not only an enrichment for the sponsored child, but also for the entire school community. It underlines the importance of sponsorships for the personal development of the children and the strengthening of the connection between the schools and their supporters in the Sonnenkinderprojekt.

Welcoming the sponsoring parents