Donation handover of the Drei-Freunde-Grundschule Scholen/Sudwalde

The Drei-Freunde-Grundschule Scholen with its branch in Sudwalde has been a partner school of the Sonnenkinderprojekt since 2009.

During the fall vacations, the students do small jobs around the house, in the garden, in the family or with neighbors to earn the school fees for their sponsored child Leonie Rheens from Rehoboth Primary School in Rehoboth. One student even set up a small sales stall to support Leonie in faraway Namibia with her proceeds.

All students of the Drei-Freunde Primary School made a great effort and Arthur Rohlfing was able to receive the record sum of 1,471.50 Euros. He expressed his sincere thanks to all those involved and praised the students for their efforts.

(Photo from left to right: Sophie, Merle, principal Renate Mohrmann, Gian-Luca and Arthur Rohlfing)